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Male Hair Loss and Balding

התקרחות גברית ונשירת שיער

Male Baldness and Hair Loss

Is your hair falling out and not growing? Is your scalp losing hair and baldness taking over? Use Hairegen Classic at home and your hair will start growing again.

Many men suffer from excessive hair loss and baldning. Hair loss and male baldness make men look older than they are and often, this may affect self confidence, relationships and personal feelings.

There is no doubt that hair symbolizes youth, vitality and manliness. Now, technological developments enable reverting to optimal conditions for hair growth and you can return the natural hair growth environment to your head. Hairegen Classic provides you with the ability to treat baldness, hair loss and thinning hair. Treatment with Hairegen will result in new hair growth and the thickening of existing hair – All of this by a simple daily treatment, at home and at your convenience.

The primary cause of baldness is due to a genetic background. The DHT hormone, of the testosterone family, as well as environmental factors such as stress, emotional overload and trauma may also have an effect and may contribute to accelerated hair loss and baldness. Important fact: Illnesses and the use of certain medication may also lead to baldness. Usually, hair loss begins at the front hair line, the sides and the crown – from the age of 30 and above. Over recent years, male baldness has also been reported to begin in the teens and 20s. Men seeing significant thinning of their hair and realizing that they are slowly going bald can combat baldness, even if the cause is genetic. Using Hairegen Classic correctly and regularly will help you deal with male baldness, hair thinning and loss simply and easily.

Improve your quality of life with Hairegen Classic.

Want your natural look back? Do you want a full head of healthy, strong hair? Hairegen Classic is the solution, a technological breakthrough in the field of health providing a solution for baldness, hair loss and hair thinning. Hairegen Classic is a patent protected, revolutionary, technological development for the prevention of hair loss. Daily use of Hairegen enables renewed growth of hair, strengthening of the body’s systems linked to natural hair growth, treatment of thinning hair, loss of hair and prevention of male baldness. Take control – Five minutes of treatment with Hairegen Classic will replace the hair you have lost and get back the look you long for and want.

Suffering from thin hair, male baldness or a receding hairline?
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