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Performance Guarantee

Hairegen is the only device sold (in Israel) with a performance guarantee, including a guaranteed refund if the promised results are not achieved.

Dimedico guarantees at least a 30% improvement within a period of four months using Hairegen. That improvement is measured accumulatively using two parameters: New hair growth and thickening of existing hair.

Before purchasing, you can undergo a free suitability diagnosis free of charge. If found suitable for treatment using Hairegen, you will be able to recieve a performance guarantee.

When purchasing your Hairegen device, the Dimedico laboratory will perform a TrichoScan test – A scientific test photographing, measuring and documenting the quantity and thickness of hair at a fixed location on the scalp.

Success of treatment and achieving results requires the correct, regular use of the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Over the first four months you must use Hairegen for five to eight minutes every day and you must reach at least 80% of the recommended treatment program (usage data is stored in the device’s memory and the device warns the user when not being used correctly).

After four months, another TrichoScan test will be performed on the same location on the scalp. If the results have not been achieved and the usage data stored in Hairegen confirms that you compleated the treatment program correctly (at least 80%), you may return the device undamaged and in working order and we provide you with a full refund.