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About us

The Pilogics startup company stands behind the technological research and development that resulted in Hairegen – Patent protected technology.

In 2009, Associate Professor (Ret.) Dov Ingman, a renowned lecturer from the Technion institute in Haifa with several patents to his name, began research and development of the technology for the treatment of baldness. Professor Ingman presented his vision for the development of a technological product with the ability to recover the vitality and functionality of dormant hair follicles and served as the first test subject in its development – Professor Ingman suffered from genetic background baldness (Androgenetic alopecia). Months went by and to the amazement of his family and others around him, the theory he had presented was proven and new hair began to grow on his head.

The surprising results persuaded investors and a large number of clients to take an interest in the product and its development. To expedite the development, together with scientists, developent and management proffesionals, Professor Ingman founded Pilogics.

In 2010, the first prototype was distributed to dozens of men and women suffering from thinning hair, rapid hair loss and baldness. Results soon came in: New hair began to grow in thinning areas; hair thickness and growth rate increased; the scalp became thicker and more flexible . Growth began to appear in bald areas and the users reported significant improvements, which continued manifest with regular use of the device.

In view of its success, Pilogics continued to develop the technology and tested it on hundreds more users until finally, a commercial product was developed for home use in its current form: The Hairegen.

Hairegen is marketed in Israel by Dimedico Medical Technologies Ltd., a partner and the exclusive agent for Pilogics in Israel.