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How does Hairegen Classic work?

The science behind Hairegen Classic

According to research, 90% of men and 45% of women suffer from loss in volume and density of hair during their lives. In men, the process can lead to complete baldness and in women, to different levels of hair thinning on different parts of the scalp.

During the hair thinning and balding process, the blood vessels supplying the hair follicles shrink; the skin becomes thinner and there is a significant shortage of nutrients and oxygen required for the growth of healthy, luxuriant hair. Slowly but surely, the follicles atrophy and thin hair lacking pigment similar to a plume remains. Finally, hair growth stops entirely due to follicle disfunction.

*Hairegen has a CE certificate for home use

The development of Hairegen Classic is based on medical research in the field of dermatology. Research shows the principal cause for hair loss in both men and women to be follicle sensitivity to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
Hairegen Classic treats the principal causes of baldness and helps rehabilitate the skin and hair follicles. The treatment is localized and direct, creating a rapid reaction with no side effects.

Hairegen Classic uses a number of different treatment mechanisms designed to act together to neutralize the atrophying of hair follicles, increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen by accelerating blood flow and improving the hair’s “living conditions” through rehabilitation of blood vessels and thickening of the scalp.

Hairegen Classic uses three different actions to stimulate the scalp and follicles: Electrical, biochemical and physical – mechanical action. These three stimuli are applied simultaneously, locally and intensively for a few minutes each day.

How does Hairegen Classic work?

Four actions (Electrical, optical, biochemical and mechanical) are applied simultaneously and have reciprocal synergy aimed at reversing the gradual atrophy of the hair production mechanisms, initiating a process of renewal and rehabilitation, all founded on each user’s starting point and personal potential.

Electrical Action

The discs of the cartridge apply micro-currents as they rotate when in contact with the scalp. This unique, patent protected mechanism is designed to re-vitalize the hair follicles and scalp to ensure natural renewal. It is important to note that the micro-currents are delicate and safe. Modern medicine uses electrical and micro-currents in many different ways to heal and treat, including the fields of dermatology and orthopedics.

Biochemical Action

Research shows that zinc and copper supress the activity of the DHT hormone and many dermatologists recommend taking zinc tablets to treat baldness. Hairegen Classic noureshes the scalp directly with small, controlled amounts of zinc and copper (the device’s discs, which are coated with zinc and copper, introduce them directly to the treated area.
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Mechanical Action

As Hairegen is rolled against the scalp, thousands of tiny pressure points are created. Along with the vibration mechanism, the discs massage the scalp and immediately increase blood flow in the area .
In addition, the delicate pressure of the discs on the scalp and the vibration are designed to stimulate the nervous system to send signals to the brain to start the body’s healing mechanisms.
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