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The Marker Magazine

Ehud Refaeli, General manager of Dimedico.

Men and women of business 2016. Project editor: Shosh Rotenberg

How did it all begin?

It all started with me having available funds and I was searching to make an investment in something creative. A friend told me about an interesting startup named Pilogics, that developed technology for stopping balding using a hand held device. I was turned on by idea straight away. At first I joined the test group for the device and later on invested in the company and asked to be involved in the company management personally. Later when the Hairegen development matured into a commercial product, I thought that the concept of selling the device in a retail “”pharm”” setting was not suitable at this stage of the products lifecycle and offered an alternative concept of frontal sales with results guaranteed. I offered to try my concept in Israel, that was never defined as a main target for the device, in parallel the fact that I took all of the operation, investment and risk on myself – convinced Pilogics to give me the franchise in Israel and the rest is history

What make The Hairegen device unique?

The development of the device is based on research in the field of dermatology and the reasons for hair loss. The device affects the main causes of balding and assists in the rehabilitation of the scalp and hair follicles. Hairegen works locally and directly and causes a quick reaction with no side affects. For the first time in the field of hair care in Israel, we sell a product and guarantee the results of using it, this id a real revolution. We know to predict if the device will help the customer, using a diagnosis that we offer free of charge and free of commitment to all of our customers, in addition we guarantee the results! The customers only obligation is to use the device. In fact, we create a win win situation for the customer: In the best case the customer gets his or her hair back, and in the worst case they don’t loose a dime.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I don’t have any free time, I have a lot of work around the clock and 3 little girls in the remaining time. A while back when I had some time, I used to hike in nature.

Professional ambitions for the future

We started an amazing move to market Hairegen internationally and at the moment we are looking for strategic partners that will use their infrastructure to market Hairegen in a system similar to ours. We are interested in copying the success in Israel to more countries in a partnership model.