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Direct Marketing of cutting edge medical technologies and solutions to the consumer

About us

Dimedico Medical Technologies Ltd is an expert in sales and marketing of medical and para-medical technologies, products and services for home use to the consumer – directly from the manufacturer.
Dimedico specializes in marketing, information and medical oriented sales and reach the consumer directly, thus, cutting marketing costs and reaching significant positive economic results.
In addition, Dimedico’s business model is to engage in technological entrepreneurship, collaborations, investments, and marketing of advanced therapeutic technologies and solutions to consumers (B2C) in the medical and para-medical fields.
The goal of Dimedico is to bring high-efficiency technological solutions to its customers, technologies that constitute a breakthrough in addressing health problems.

A-Z marketing in Israel

The marketing/ advertising/ operational activity in Dimedico, which focuses on the fields of medical & para medical technologies, enables Dimedico to reach the end consumer in a direct, effective and economically beneficial manner allowing Dimedico to achieve a high sales volume, while at the same time raising awareness and influencing conventions in the medical world.
Dimedico utilizes its in house experts for online and offline activities in various media contributing greatly to conversion of inquiries into acquisitions quickly and effectively by using a unique blend of a top notch information center and professional frontal sales team that provide a cost/ benefit ratio that exceeds the norm in the field. Centering these activities under one roof provides complete control, day-to-day analysis of results, and rapid change of strategies, action tactics and process optimization to maximize the product potential.

For this purpose, partners have access to several departments of Dimedico that give them the possibility to be fast acting and efficient:

Marketing and strategy


Graphic design and video production


Professional telephone information center

Frontal Diagnostics and Sales Department

Professional consulting and laboratory department

Service and support departments

Logistics Department

Dimedico markets products and services directly from the manufacturer to the end customer with no intermediaries and for this purpose Dimedico creates awareness of the need and solution with the help of intensive advertising and PR with emphasis on "explanatory and therapeutic sales".

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Partnering with start-up companies

Dimedico's contribution to startups accelerates development, helps focus efforts, saves valuable time and resources and improves the company and product success prospects:

Technology commercialization
Determining the right commercial model for the product.
Developing marketing channels
Using the Israeli market as a testing platform to examine the feasibility marketing models.
Beta testing
Detection and identification of unexpected failures and quick troubleshooting.
Capital investment
For project funding, creating a shared risk partnership and incentive for success.
Development and procurement
Assistance in development, production engineering and procurement.
Management assistance
From identifying weaknesses to membership in the Advisory Committee.

Our Brands

Hairegen by Pilogics
HairegenTM - Helps Improve hair thickness and density
Pilogics LLP, Israel
An innovative home use device that assists in improving hair thickness and density.
The Hairegen has been clinically proven to improve hair thickness and density in a rate exceeding all other known solutions including drugs and is certified by the Israeli ministry of health and the European CE.
Dimedico joined Pilogics LLP (the maker of Hairegen) in 2013 as partners to a vision, during the clinical evaluation (before the commercial product phase).
Dimedico assisted in characterization and testing of the commercial product as well as the marketing strategy and implementation of the sales model being used by a majority of the agents worldwide.
Pilogics website
HNJ 350E - Furun medical - Korea
HNJ 350E – DresKegel
Agan Bari – Noninvasive technology for exercise at home of the pelvic floor muscles by Furun Healthcare from South Korea
The Agan Bari Kit includes a home use device controlled by a smartphone (or tablet) app. The technology assists users who suffer from an array of medical issues stemming from weakness of the pelvic floor muscles such as controlling urination, post pregnancy prolapse and more.

The Agan Bari technology presents a breakthrough – the system presents the possibility of receiving direct feedback of the quality and effectiveness of the training during the training session, in the fact that it is noninvasive, is discrete and can be used while the user is fully clothed and in the comfort of home. The Agan Bari system is patent protected.

Sphinx Smarthead
Destroying head lice and nits
with innovative ultrasound technology, Israel.
ParaSonic is reinventing easy lice removal treatment at home.
Carely™ is a home-use device for efficient head lice removal, quickly, naturally and conveniently.

Dimedico invested capital and were selected to market all ParaSonic’s products in Israel, in addition, we are contributing to the final development and testing process of the device for commercialization and preparation for mass production.

Expected launch 2021.
For more information visit ParaSonic’s web site
הריג'ן של פילוג'יקס
Project “X” – Home use device
Dimedico, Israel
Currently in the clinical testing phase of an innovative home use technological device aimed at treating a widespread medical/ aesthetical issue that currently lacks an effective treatment method.

All R&D as well as funding, development and design of the current product are carried out jointly with our partner and specialist team.

** Due to commercial reasons, we cannot elaborate on the details of this project at this time.

Contact information

91 Sokolov St. Ramat Hasharon, Israel 4723901

Office: (+972) 3 5255722
Fax: (+972) 3 5255822
E-mail: adam@dimedico.co.il

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